Large fine art print of Dysphoria book cover on sale at Timeless Books

DYSPHORIA limited fine art print – Val Denham
DYSHORIA Fine art Limited edition print – 2014 – France
90 x 60 cm – Printed on Rives laid pale cream paper 220 g

Limited to 100 copies signed and numbered by Val Denham

Sent carefully rolled in a strong tube.
Price: 55.00 €

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“Dysphoria” available at Buchhandlung Walther König’s, famous book shop in Düsseldorf!

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Coming very soon, DYSPHORIA the vinyl album

Coming very soon, the new vinyl album by Val Denham entitled “Dysphoria”on Vanity Case Records. There will be a special limited edition of 23 only with hand painted covers. I will let you know when it is available.

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DYSPHORIA – Val Denham
Published by Timless Ed. – 2013 – France
16 x 24 cm – 220 pages in colours – Hard cover

Huge monography about visual artist & musician Val Denham.

Richly illustrated (around 200 artworks), this book also explains who is Val Denham, where did she come from, what’s Tranart, why she moved to London, why she loves colours so much, if she ever do a proper job, what does she think, is she mental and ten obscure facts about her.

Art presented are her work for album covers (Marc Almond, TG, Psychic TV, Cyclobe,etc…) but also her most and very personal paintings, drawings and collage.

Words from Val Denham, Marc Almond, Anthony Hegarthy, Monte Cazzaza and Gavin Friday.


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Bluelands video

A little film for the track “Bluelands” which is the track from the original CDR album “Bluelands” 2011, however this is a very different mix. this version is on the forthcoming vinyl album called “Dysphoria” released very soon on Vanity Case Records. The album has the same title as my forthcoming book published by Timeless Books for the simple reason that I consider it to be a kind of musical accompaniment to the book.

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Val on Nevada Radio! This Sunday 16th June

The Underground Sound – June 16, 2013 – interview with artist/musician/poet VAL DENHAM
June 23, 2013 by Meri
Listen in as Meri St. Mary talks with Val Denham an artist/musician/poet from Bradford (Vallanda) UK. In this hour we cover the waterfront, so to speak, on a number of interesting events in Val’s life as an artist from the distant past to now! Val’s body of artwork is extensive both visually & musically: this year a book will be released entitled “Dysphoria” where you can peruse & ponder her works at yer leisure (a CD w/the same title will be released as well). Chatting with Val is a fun informative visit into the personality of a creative genius that is challenging to put into words & rather difficult to articulate so I will give you several queries (the answers lie in the interview) after which you will receive a prize! Why was headmaster Mr. Taylor concerned w/young Val enough to merit a visit to his office? What book would Val save from her library in case of a fire? Why was Val’s artwork deemed so disturbing that 2 detectives found her to be a “person of interest” in the Yorkshire Ripper case? What is it about the horrifying & dark side of the human psyche that obsesses & influences Val’s work? How did Auntie Betty’s picture cards from tea packets spark Val’s color fixation that exists to this day? How does one imagine smelling a strawberry? Why does Val thank the stars for estrogen? What & where does “Caligula On Acid” come from? How does an obsessive/compulsive deal w/dust? Why did Genesis P-Orridge get freaked out by a letter from Val? On whose albums has Val’s artwork appeared? Who wrote the forward to her new book? How many CD’s has Val released & with whom has she collaborated? If you are going to San Francisco why must you guard your Val Denham CD’s with your life? How long has Val been married & to whom & is she father/mother or both? All this & more, more, more PLUS original music from Val: “I Want Your Sex”, “City Lights” & “Thinking About My Girl” as well as an impromptu “Meri St. Mary Intro” song she gifted me with that is The Underground Sound’s new theme song! So here’s the prize: when you find yourself stumped in a conversation simple repeat this phrase: “IT’S A DUMMY & IT’S FULL OF CONCRETE”!!! & Thank the Stars for VAL DENHAM!!!

Just go to and look for podcasts then Val Denham.

Download MP3 (37 MB | 54:02 min)

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Val Music

About 10 new tracks added to my “Val Denham Music” at Myspace. Just encase you want to check it out. Oh, go on, you know that you want to.

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Gavin Friday with the portrait that I did of him

Click on the photo to make it bigger. He shaved his hair off!

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New Val Paintings in art section soon

Click on the image to enlarge it

I will put these new “Doppleganger” paintings in the “Art section” when I get some time to photograph and download them. Look out for a book about my art next year from TIMELESS BOOKS. Also I’ve got a Korg Sampler keyboard thingy which I will be using on my forthcoming CDR album of 30 copies only called “The Black Star Recordings” This will be the greatest album ever made. Oh aye indeed. No messing. Christmas is coming Val is getting fat. It’s all the chocolate, I must stop it. That and the booze. Mind you I’ve not had a cig for over 6 months now, neither has our Gail. Saving a bleedin’ fortune, I’m not kidding, also I can breath propely without coughing my guts up every morning. Oh, Gail has got this program thingy on her laptop called “Dragon Speak”? Anyway you can just talk to it and it types what you say, so that novel that I’ve been planning for ages. It’s very weird. But, you like weird don’t you…………I know I do.

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Wyrm album OUT NOW

OUT NOW the final album from the USA Avant garde experimentalists WYRM, with tracks and cover art by Val Denham.

$7.00Topi-Network release 5
WYRM ‘Mantras For An Incognizant World’ -last WYRM album is Avaliable NOW!

$7 Plus $2 shipping.
Distros Please get in touch!

“Mantras For An Incognizant World” is the final, full-length installation from WYRM. The project is now defunct and all activities have ceased. 11 years the archetype had been explored and exploited–new territories will be mapped out with Solumenata.

This farewell incarnation of WYRM were a stellar line-up comprised of Allan Zane & Liz Lang (founding members), Val Denham (artist and musician extraordinaire), PBK (veteran “noise-ambient” composer), Thomas Park (drone master-musician known for his work as Mystified), the pure genius of the Aural Surrealists Matthew Amundsen (Surface Hoar) and Sid Redlin (Boron Nuzzle, Le Scrambled Debutante, et al.), and the obscure fringe-artist Joey Day (UPC).

“Mantras For An Incognizant World” is a reflection upon/true testament of our times–mediations for a world TRULY asleep and LOST…


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