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  1. adam lowe says:

    val, i hope you aew well. you may or may not remember me. when i was a kid i askd yo to send me a pic of the cver of you casnt pleasee yourself so i could have some t shirts printed.
    what you did was sent me a long letter and a small drawn pic sadly lost now.
    a few years ago i bought an original drawing (complete with coffee stain) that now has pride of place on mmy wall.
    im 42 now and have always wanted something taatood on my arm of yours, but pals have put me off..and to be honest i just didnt want to steal your pic.
    do you have any tatoo pics? or could you draw me one? i would pay for it of course.
    im 42 and work in a pretty heavy going psychiactric ward…so maybe has to be kept im mind. I wonder if you have any thought on this. its cool if you dont, im gonna get and old school anchor ot soemthing, but its not what i reallt want…….
    love yur work anyway

  2. michael says:

    hi Val,
    have been meaning to contact you for many years,(ever since i bought “if you cant please yourself you cant please your soul”),
    its unlikely that i will ever manage an original,however i would be very interested in finding out where to get copies or prints of your artwork,As i say i have been interested since the mid eighties in your artwork,also very interested in electronic/experimental music etc,
    Anyway back to subject,and before i go any farther ,i`m not on the scrounge for anything,just a bit of help in finding out where i can get some artwork/prints for my home,Many thanks for your help and greetings from north east scotland.


  3. Hi Val!
    your site is amazing!

  4. Hello Miss…
    Could say me, please, your collaborations with ‘Wyrm’?
    And… Transform Thyself … when is released?
    MySpace is dead… Facebook is welcome!
    Leave me news, please…
    Always…. LOVE

  5. Jamie says:

    Always loved your artwork which always seemed to connected to the kind of Music that I liked or the kind of people I hung out with
    Like the new site very much

  6. Gene says:

    Hello Dear, I love your “Yellow Cat 2” painting. Is it for sale? How can I get it? (It should be shipped to Italy)…
    Thank you.
    All the best


  7. Daniel says:

    I would also like to know if you have any work available to purchase please.

    Thanks very much,


  8. Kim Keeley says:

    I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently then after 20 years I found your site, it’s amazing. I think back on our time together at Bradford and I can’t actually believe we survived it. I live in Seattle now if you’re ever in the US let me know. Glad to see you thriving and happy!

    Kim x

  9. post me back would respectfullu ;ile to talk to you mc

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