Birth In Reverse

I am a negative impulse
I am dark
I swallow you whole
From inside
In me breathing
Into my body
You go deadly
You take it
Black steel
Burnt grass
Into mind
Into soul
Silence deepens
Under pain
Filling me up
With flesh
Back into the Mother
Back into the warmth
Back into the liquid
The safety
The suffocating sky
The dream is ebbing


Blue halos kiss the steel sad Moon
A smile is her drunken disease
My sister dressed in lights
Turns the ground black on Sundays
Far and wide, her road is a solitary one
Watch her collecting the desperate
In pockets lined with sandpaper
Coating skulls with pink blossom affection
Forgiving them all as they fade
Shadows of birds in those eyes
Stealing the fresh eggs
Of wives unknown
A mouth as dark as tunnel tears
Stretch across years
And skin made of Arctic snow
Speaks of joyous heartbreak
This will remain her private pain
To take the naïve, then break them
Sensually with her insipid rose revenge.

Somewhere Cold

Searching for new poisons
These bloodshot green eyes
Dart from one hand to the other
Snakes in my red palm
Bruised smiles lie at her feet
Breathing the dust of decay
Alien music far away
Somewhere else
Somewhere cold.


Should I hang myself?
In an innocent tree?
An idle gift to an unsuspecting passer by
Or should I stay a while
And ache with the mysterious flow
As suns reflect in constellation trees
As beating horses graze abundantly
With velvet shining skins
Or should I sleep in skies abstracted
With salient summer heat
And give thanks to the ancient walls
Built with sour sweat
Should I stay a while longer?
To repent this ungrateful slumber
To realise the infinite perfection
Of God’s divine joke
Should I laugh, instead of cry?
The lesser of everything
The winner of the world
Blinded by the Sun’s reflected light
Constellation cells, connecting in my brain
Far better to stay forever
And kiss my own ungrateful ignorance


In alcohol we are free all of the time,
We are lost – floating true to ourselves.
(Her hair points towards nothing!)
And that’s what we become – nothing!
In the golden bottle, soft breathing turning,
Empty Deaths Head Nebula shimmers.
We are so very lost in our brains
So pure and simple –
We cannot be human like you
Far too weak
But the one thing that elevates us above all others,
At this time of night,
Is our truth –
We are seeped in love,
It is our plague,
We are diseased with love
It impregnates our being
We live for our love
Even though we are weak
We are so in love.
We are so drunk.

The weakness is the fact that not having had a drink for a time we then had too much. – G

Siren Whispers
(Gail’s Sonnet)

You are all black and white with a hint of red
If you are the moon, then I must be the sun.
Your eyes are brown but you cover them in bed
You are my Mother, my lover and friend all in one
I fall in your shoulder to dream in your arms
My confusion, my doubts and my restless heart
The song of your breath, the elixir that calms
The warmth of your body even when we’re apart
You will forever haunt my waking hours
As well as my sojourns into nightly soft sleep
My siren whispers amongst the blackest flowers
I kiss you there in my unconscious deep
To wake in the sunlight and find you still there
How could you doubt that I ever could care?

Written whilst G was in Italy for a couple of weeks. – G


Pink powder walls are worn dry
As rotting wedding cakes hover
Over dwarf bridges
In pale tangerine labyrinths
The silver afternoon sun
Makes dancing stars
In water clouded milky
Here the golden lion has wings
Tourists flock as flags will flutter
Tongues can mesh
In rainbow drone
Shops of carnival masks
Stare through hollow eyes
Gondoliers’ whistles
Reverberate from shaded arches
As they punt dreamily slow
In black lacquered coffins
That transport the living
Nowhere gently.

Waters dark and cold

I swam in waters dark and cold
I kissed all fish and touched them blind
I did not do as I was told
I did not care, I did not mind
That blackest deep was full of faces
My secret place the ocean bed
I hid the truth in unknown places
I floated on a sea of dread
Please forgive me, o’ my loved one
For I recognise that hurtful sound
I give my Moon, I take your Sun
Until I lie far in the ground
These hands that deceive, offer protection
These eyes that lie, the light of truth
This mouth that spoke of new directions
The lips that hide a rotting tooth
For I have swam in dirty water
Yes, I have moved amongst false fish
We shall not face the final slaughter
We shall not do as they would wish
The blackest night will be our saviour
The brightest day our dearest friend
Through our strength and wise behaviour
The end of life our only end

“Pale Plump Arms”

I love a star so pale and white
That hovers in the hollow night
A ghost to dance upon my bed
To whisper things I often dread
Pale plump arms hold me tight
Until the teeth of daylight bite

I see the stars in the sky
See the stars come out tonight

I love a star so pale and white
That hovers in the hollow night
A ghost to dance upon my bed
To whisper things I often dread
Pale plump arms hold me tight
Until the teeth of daylight bite

I see the stars in the sky
See the stars come out tonight

Yorkshire Hills

On bent knees with bowed head
Replenishing heat from dying stars
Burnt out houses, black wood.
Twisting the vine, the hills are sea
Silver flower carpet in our mouth
Dogs sing melancholy echo
The fading sun, pink gradation
Falling below the expanse of night
Sing me songs
Sing me sweet mystery
For I am lost
Hungry for the pointers
Stabbed against the clouds
Selfish bloody indigo.
I see you stain the virgin moon
A white black hole
Swimming in empty heaven
Kissing wasps as tears subside
The hills breathe
My beloved Yorkshire
Bury me here
In these Yorkshire hills
That I call Mother
Bury me between your scars.

Rain Cloud

I am a rain cloud floating in the sky
I eat birds and passing aeroplanes
I am dark and I am ominous
In my belly electric light
I speak your language with my black mouth
A sunny corpse is flying by
To my intense presence
I speak your language now
Darting cracks of blue light
Emanate from my black mouth
I am a rain cloud sinking in the sky
Moving across the green home valley
I have a silver soul that spits down dreams on to sleepy heads
I have a black mouth
Move with me swirling dust
A heart of fire
Move into the garden to cover the sun
And spoil the day for everyone
I am a rain cloud
I am a rain cloud


Pale morning saturates
With ball of fire burning
The grey horizon threatens
Our deep and thirsty yearning
We recede into shadow places
Filled with gloom and dim
Delicate trees of craving veins
Fade in cadaver skin
A box of dirt our restless bed
No mirrors on our walls
A fly is caught in silver web
A spider without mercy crawls
Dust dried roses drop
To fall like heavy thunder
They break the deadly silence
Of our bloodless slumber
From fig ripe neck we suck the breath
That aids our levitation
We parasite in glutinous night
Then drink our celebration
The cross we fear and daylight near
Our canine’s bleed you dry
Like lizards black or werewolf pack
You’ll join us when you die


Every particle in your body
And every grain of sand
Every galaxy in the heavens
Carries the same signature

It’s all in the name
Everything is the same

Every tear that’s ever fallen
Every smile that’s ever smiled
Every word that’s ever spoken
Has the same perfect name

It’s all in the name
Everything is the same

Love is to blame
Everything is the same

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